Yes, You Can Learn Something from Hollywood Divorce Movies

Divorce Movie

Divorce MovieDivorce is never easy, and coping with life after the process is over is even more difficult. You are likely to go through stages, and bury yourself in isolation before you finally reclaim your identity as an independent person.

The reality of divorce is hard, but some Hollywood movies make it fun and interesting. The weirdest part in most story plots is that your realizations, along with a series of circumstances, will lead you back to your ex-spouse. The Law Offices of Ian S. Mednick notes that the ending may seem appealing in movies, but certainly not in real life.

Blue Valentine

This movie, starring Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling, is a heartbreaking drama about the end of a marriage. It depicts raw experiences and feelings you may encounter while going through a painful process. The plot reveals the devastating effects of ending something that was once beautiful. The movie goes and back and forth to the couple’s youthful days and all things that divide them. Their last attempt at saving their marriage is just too much to take in.

It’s Complicated

While this movie starring Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep is a standard rom-com, it offers something valuable along the way. You are surely to laugh during the movie while also learning the effects of divorce on adult children. The film also examines closure, as well as its consequences. The movie will make you think more about the remaining spark between you and your spouse, but it will entirely force you to do the same.

Take This Waltz

In the 2011 movie Take This Waltz, Seth Rogen and Michelle Williams play husband and wife who are happy enough in their marriage. Williams, however, becomes enchanted with a stranger, who also happens to live across the street (and nearly everywhere she goes). While the plot may seem familiar, it goes a little deeper by telling how the end of a relationship leads to the beginning of a new one. It examines the behaviors of people in retrospect.

If you want a thoughtful and quiet movie, the last suggestion may be right for you. If you want something fun, however, It’s Complicated may appeal to you. Blue Valentine is ideal for those who want something serious and heartbreaking.