Winning at SEO: Don’t Just Beat the Competition, Know Them

The SEO GameSurviving in the competitive world of online marketing requires competitive knowledge; otherwise, you are sadly missing out.

Monitoring the competition and relying on numbers are helpful, but these are more beneficial if you understand what they all mean. Analytics is a great tool, but if you do not know what to do with the data, it’s a waste of resources.

Bambrick Media, a local SEO company, recommends going beyond the numbers knowing the competition — not the general one. There are different types of SEO opponents out there. Here are some of them:

Offline Competition

A number of businesses — especially those that thrived during the pre-internet phase — have a better grasp of the competition offline. After all, they existed before the internet. They might be old school, but underestimating what they can do is dangerous for any business, especially the new ones.

Any offline competition today can be online tomorrow. As soon as they invest in SEO, the fight for attention is as real as it gets.

Do not wait for the competition to get tougher before you lay the groundwork. Start your online empire today.

Organically Ranked Competitors

Online competition that seems relatively weak is still competition. Remember: anyone who ranks for keywords is still a threat to your success. They might not compete for the same customers, but they still rank where you want to rank.

Running a keyword search on the type of business or blogs that hold those spots is always a good idea. Think of it this way: offline competition fights for your customers, but the online ones struggle against you in terms of searcher attention.

Start-Up Competition

Start-ups can fall on either one of the two categories, but it’s still a good idea to watch these. Some of these businesses enter the game all of a sudden — complete with investment money. If you are not careful, they will do more than you can. They might flame out, but they can take a big chunk of potential if you do not prepare.

Knowing the competition ahead of time gives you the advantage to win the SEO game. Study them before they study you.