Why Your ID Card is Still Important

Employee ID card

On a regular workday, you’ll see people walking around or getting off the bus with their ID cards on. Since the lanyard or necklace tag is the more popular form now, it has become easier for people to wear their ID cards or badges. In NZ, like the rest of the world, a photo ID is the preferred form of employee identification. Many companies have upgraded their ID cards to digital versions, containing more information about the employee and enabling automated access to specific sections of the workplace.

Identification cards are increasingly important in everyday life, from using government services to entering your office building. Here are a few reasons why ID cards are very important in the work environment:

Proof of Affiliation

People need ID cards to be allowed entry into buildings, plants, or factories. For large organizations, this makes it easier for managers to check the movement of people in the facility. Besides the name and designation, photo ID makes identification and clearance quicker. If guests enter the premises and leave an authoritative ID at the reception, for example, their driving license or other government-issued cards, the issued temporary pass makes it easier for staff to identify them and provide assistance.

Restricts Access

Not all employees are allowed to enter every section of the building. Therefore, some ID cards are encoded to limit access, which may include biometrics. If unauthorized personnel try to enter a restricted area, access will be denied, and in some cases, the manager or security team will be notified. This is especially helpful in areas where dangerous materials are stored, or sensitive information, such as research or personal files. Employees need a higher level clearance for access.

ID cards and badges also serve as an emergency contact. In the unfortunate event that an employee is involved in an accident, they provide information for the police or hospital to notify the company or immediate family members.

Increasingly, ID cards play an important role in the workplace. If you are a manager, consider them an aid to running a more efficient business.