Why You Should Get Started with Skiing this 2016 Holidays

Skiing in the sun
No plans for your holidays yet? Then you should definitely consider going on a skiing adventure before the year ends. There are many good reasons for this, and not just because it is fun, but also because it will do your health a lot of good, too.

Here are three of these reasons why you should book a ski chalet for your 2016 holidays.

It makes playing with the snow a lot more fun.

Almost everyone loves to play with snow, but you can enjoy more when you have a pair of skis on and you go sliding down the powdery slopes. When you enjoy yourself, your brain produces more of the feel-good hormones (dopamine, endorphins, etc.) and neurotransmitters. Thanks to this, you will feel more relaxed and happy.

In fact, studies also show that people who ski do not only feel better about themselves, but also lead healthier lives. They are at a much lower risk of developing psychological or mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression. They also think more clearly and enjoy better sleep.

It is not just all play – it makes for a perfect calorie-burner exercise too.

Playing with and in the snow definitely brings fun and enjoyment to almost everyone, but skiing does a lot more good to you than just this. And although a lot of people who partake in this snow sport do not really prioritise weight loss, they actually do as they go whizzing down the slopes.

Research revealed that one can burn anywhere from 2,500 to 3,000 calories for every six hours of skiing. And this does not even include the calories you burn from the other activities you do on a daily basis. This means you can get rid of more than two kilogrammes of excess weight every week.

The more you do it, the more toned your stomach muscles will become.

Because of the huge amount of calories that a six-hour daily session of skiing burns, you can expect your stomach muscles to tone themselves up. In other words, the more you ski, the greater your chances are of boasting of a six-pack.

As you can see, the art of skiing should definitely make it on your list of must-start sports and this 2016 holidays is the best time to start.