Why You Need a Water Softener

water softener

Countless of water filters and portable water systems are in the market. Apart from these standard filters and purifiers, you will also find water softener systems, especially in places like Salt Lake City. These are in the market for one good reason: the presence of hard water.

How Hard Water Affects Households

water softenerHard water contains specific minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium. While the minerals do not cause any health hazard upon contact, these make it difficult to use the water in washing—hard water does not clean as much as soft water does. For example, if you use this in laundering your clothes, you will notice how the fabric becomes stiff when it dries.

This is one of the main reasons people use soft water at home. Not only does soft water makes it easier to wash clothes, this does not also cause stains on bathtubs or basins. Apart from this, Utah households use water softener systems to prevent the build-up of lime scales. As the water softening experts of Kinetico explain, this saves pipes from galvanic corrosion due to substantial mineral deposit.

Different Types of Water Softeners

There are several types of water softener systems in the market. Some of these include salt-free water softeners, dual tank water softeners, and salt-based ion exchange softeners. Each type has its own process. For example, the salt-based ion exchange softener can substitute sodium for other hard minerals. The salt-free water softener, on the other hand, does not eliminate the sodium, but rather prevents mineral deposits.

While different types of water softener systems are available, it is prudent to choose the right one for your needs. You can get a portable unit or have one installed in your water system. Get your water softener system from an accredited provider.

If hard water is causing more problems at home, it might be the best time to invest in a new water softener. This will save you from using too much detergent when washing your clothes or cleaning your bathtubs regularly just to remove the stains.