Why UK Needs to Build More Parking Spaces for E-Bikes

Cycle shelter full of bicycles

Cycle shelters and other parking spaces for bicycles will be more necessary in the U.K., as there seems to be a boom in the number of electric bike users, according to new research.

The study showed that the popularity of e-bikes stems from the rise of the so-called silver cyclists, a moniker for bike riders over 55 years old.

Functional Form

E-bikes gained more favour among older people due to a built-in battery, which helps them navigate through rougher terrain or uphill paths. Health reasons served as the primary driver for most people who use an e-bike, according to the study.

However, it showed that e-bikes require riders to be more mindful of their safety. The research noted that cyclists could be at a higher risk of traffic accidents. Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ Nick Lloyd advised people to exercise caution and use clear signals when interacting with other bike users and vehicles on the road.

Not Just for the Elderly

People with mobility issues can also benefit from the use of an e-bike. Its 15mph maximum speed boost on flat surfaces would particularly help those who seem in a hurry. Going up on a steep road would no longer be a problem for riders as well. E-bikers are equipped with a mechanism that allows you to ride a slope without pedalling too much.

Older Britons account for a majority of sales, which reach around 50,000 units every year. It may not take long before this figure would increase further, provided that there are more designated bike lanes on the road.


Dedicated parking spaces for e-bikes would be a good way to promote an alternative form of transportation. Business establishments and public buildings can be involved in the growing use of e-bikes, by planning to build more shelters for users.