Why Silver is Given to 25th Year Anniversary Celebrants

Marriage is a sacred commitment

Marriage is a sacred commitmentMarriage is a sacred commitment that is unfortunately no longer upheld the same way people of yesteryears did. This is especially evident when consider the fact that 40% to 50% of couples across America will get divorced. This is probably why anniversaries are such a big thing that they are associated with precious metals the longer they last.

The most prominent celebrations are the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries known for being the silver and golden anniversaries, respectively.

While it is understood why the big 5-0 is associated with gold, why is the 25th assigned silver?

Here are some of the reasons from LimogesJewelry.com on why silver is given as a general motif for gifts and party ideas on the 25th year anniversary.

It is a Milestone

25 years is a long time; it is a quarter of a century and second 50 years in terms of the most realistic amount of time a couple can really spend together. This, assuming that a couple marries at legal age. It is only right that the couple celebrate with silver, the element often regarded as second in value to gold.

It is Precious

Silver is a precious metal and being halfway to the golden anniversary is a precious event in one’s life. Over time, the use of silver was only for precious items, both for gifts and decors. In the ancient times, silver was the most precious metal for jewelry making, as it exudes radiance and brilliance while it was also used as currency back then.

It Serves as an Omen of Better Things to Come

The omen in relation to its qualities of being a highly conducive metal relates to its longevity and possibility of lasting for much longer.

The 25th year mark is celebrated with silver in hopes of it becoming golden after 25 more years. The festivities are for rekindling and reigniting flames to make the marriage and bond stronger than ever.

Take time to celebrate the achievement of keeping a marriage alive and kicking even at 25 years by aptly gifting them with silver to complement and reflect all that they’ve been through as precious memories.