Why Northgate is a Good Place for a Family Bonding

Brisbane EyeWhen in Brisbane, there is no shortage of activities for the tourists. It’s a good place for people who want to be more adventurous. There’s also a good number of free parks to spend sunny afternoons relaxing and people-watching. If you’re a local who think that you have exhausted all that the city has to offer, you might be missing Northgate, which is several kilometres north of the CBD.

Antique shopping

Walking or cycling around Northgate, you will stumble upon a couple of antique shops that offer more than just clutter. In fact, you might be surprised at what gems you can find here, be it a vintage jewellery or home decor. You can also find interesting up-cycled furniture for your home.

Street market

You can also check out Northgate events calendar, and if you are lucky, you can visit the area when there’s street market. Apart from shopping for handcrafts, delicacies, and fashion items, you’ll also find activities that your kids will enjoy. You can check out booths for face painting, pottery, and arts and crafts.

World-class cuisine

You will be amazed at the wide stretch of good restaurants in Northgate area. Most of the best ones are unassuming, but you will be surprised at the quality and variety of food that they serve. You will realise that true enough, locals here like to indulge in a culinary feast. Whether you’re craving for some good American burgers and steaks, Asian noodles, or Middle Eastern spices, you would be able to find your spot here.

Northgate looks like just another sleepy suburban area at first glance, but it is actually a good place for the whole family during the weekends, according to the staff of Ourhotels.com.au. It’s a short drive from the CBD, but you would feel that you’re miles away from all the hustle and bustle. The town is laid-back and relaxed, but you will find many fun activities to do around here.