Why is this Download Taking Forever?!—Reasons for Slow Download Speeds

High Speed Internet

High Speed InternetAccording to statistics, Hong Kong has the fastest Internet speed in the world, along with Singapore, Romania, and South Korea. South Africa, on the other hand, ranks 93rd—averaging speeds of only 2.32 Mbps. This is faster than the average download speed in all of Africa, but slower than that in Rwanda and Uganda.

There are many reasons for a slow Internet connection and download speeds. Some of the causes are easy to fix, while others are beyond your control. Read on learn about the possible causes of slow download time.

Internet Service Limitation

Many broadband Internet service providers have a set bandwidth that all users need to share. If majority of the users are downloading files all at the same time, the service may be degraded. This is more likely to happen when the provider experiences an issue in one area of the network and must briefly place users in another.

Uploading and Downloading

Internet connections download and upload data at different levels. Mostly, the upload speed is lower than the download rate. This only means that uploading a larger file can crowd the bandwidth of a connection, causing slow download speeds.

Site Issue

Slow download speed on a single website can be due to the website you are downloading from. Websites experience down time whenever there are too many people trying to access it. If you experience this problem, try to visit or download later.

Signal Problems

Signal strength is a critical factor in transferring data at the best speed possible. Know the signal strength of your Internet connection by checking the signal meter. Interference with the signal can also affect download performance. Structural interference like bigger appliances and walls between the router and computer can also be the culprit.

Slow Internet and download speeds are just downright frustrating. Apart from eating a large portion of your time, these can also keep you from accomplishing your tasks right away. If you experience a slow connection for long periods, contact your service provider to address the problem.