Why Funeral Homes Should Focus More on Creating Custom Urns

Man putting down urn to bed of rosesFuneral homes in the US will need to think of how to create custom-designed urns and capture a larger share of clients, as more Americans choose cremation over a traditional burial.

By 2025, the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) said that almost 64% of Americans choose cremation over being six feet under. The figure would further increase to nearly 79% by 2035.

New Business

The rising preference for cremation indirectly means an increase in demand for urns, particularly those with personalized designs that reflect the deceased’s wishes. A C02 laser engraving machine serves as one good option for funeral homes that want to provide its clients with a unique final resting place.

States in the West Coast lead the country in terms of cremation rates that surpass 70%. If your funeral home business caters to the East Coast, the rate has been on an increasing trend as well. In New Jersey, for instance, analysts expect the cremation rate to increase from 48.5% to 64.4% by 2030.

Market Drivers

Several factors influence the growing popularity of cremation in New Jersey, although cost may be a major reason. The average burial in the state costs around $14,700, including the coffin, grave and burial vault.

In some cases, it could even be more expensive if families decide to lay their dearly departed to an exclusive burial site. On the contrary, a cremation would cost around $2,000. This includes the average crematory fee worth $306, a $200 urn and the associated fees for a niche that contains it.

Different designs for custom urns will prepare funeral homes to meet the expected surge in demand from more Americans. There are many ways to offer customized products, yet using laser technology will be one of the best options for your business.