When You’re Always On the Go: Basic Guidelines for Proper Trailer Maintenance

Towing a trailer

Towing a trailerMany outdoorsmen take good care of whatever gear they use for their outdoor hobbies. If you have a boat, for example, chances are that you also own a trailer, which also needs routine maintenance to lengthen its service life and avoid potentially hazardous breakdowns. Here are some basic maintenance tips:

  • Brakes

You must always rinse the whole trailer with freshwater after you use it in saltwater and pay very close attention the brakes, more so for drum brakes since saltwater can easily hide and fester. Flushing your brakes with a handy flushing kit is crucial, however, keep in mind that even with regular and meticulous flushing, the average service life of drum brakes is only around a year and six months when utilised in saltwater. Also, after flushing, make sure to top off the master cylinder’s fluid.

  • Bearings

Bearings can give you a massive headache if not properly and routinely maintained. If you have cup or cone bearings, these should be protected with stainless steel caps for keeping water from seeping in. They can likewise indicate if your bearings require more grease. So that you won’t have to buy trailer parts like bearings before you really have to, disassemble them every year and make sure to clean, check, and re-grease afterwards.

  • Electrical Components

Greasing won’t be required with electrical components, but a thorough inspection is needed to make certain that they function properly. Check if all lights are in working condition and the rubber grommets since wiring enters and exits through these.

  • Jacks, Couplers, and Bunks

Your coupler latch must be efficiently capable of moving the collar responsible for locking underneath the hitch ball. Make sure to apply penetrating and high-performance lubricant to all moving components of the coupler and tongue jacks. As for the bunk, check to see if the carpeting and the wood underneath are still in great working condition.

In addition, keep in mind that the bulk of proper trailer maintenance is paying careful attention to it before using it, while using it, and after using it, so make sure to inspect and conduct minor maintenance tasks as you go along.