What You Didn’t Know Your Poor Oral Health Can Result In

Dental Hygiene of an Indianapolis WomanPracticing correct dental hygiene, paired with visiting your family dental office in Indianapolis for checkups and immediate treatments will allow you to achieve optimal health. Aside from having healthy teeth, gums, and tongue, these practices will also help you maintain good oral aesthetics.

It is important you take good care of your oral health, as studies have found links between poor oral health and many other types of severe health conditions, including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. IndianaGentleDentist.com discusses this below.

The Poor Oral Hygiene and Colorectal Cancer Link

Several studies conducted revealed results suggesting that a type of gut bacteria existing in the mouth can lead to colorectal cancer development. The researchers further stated that the bacteria can even affect the body’s immune responses. Found not only in the mouth, this bacteria, known as Fusobacteria, have also presented themselves in colorectal patient tissue samples.

The Mouth and Mind Connection

Another study conducted on the topic of oral health and mental connection discovered the presence of a certain type of bacterium in the brains of dementia patients. Known as Porphyromonas gingivalis, the bug has frequently been associated with patients suffering from chronic periodontal and gum diseases.

Often found living in tooth cavities, the bacteria can enter a one’s blood stream via a variety of means, such as chewing, eating, and brushing of the teeth. Whenever the bacteria reaches the brain, it can trigger immune system responses that may result in the production of excess chemicals which can prevent the release of critical neurons. This may then result in memory problems, such as confusion and deterioration, two of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

The Bottom Line

You should never think of your mouth-related problems to limit themselves in your mouth. You should always implement good oral health practices, which include regularly visiting your dentist.

By doing so, you can prevent these more serious health conditions that can severely affect the quality of your life.