What to Do and Expect When Filing a Missing Person Report

Filing Missing Person Reports

Filing Missing Person Reports Missing person reports exist in every police station. Apart from being the first component towards a police case, a missing person report also aids families concerned about their loved one’s disappearance. Below are the things to do and expect when filing a missing person report.

There is No Waiting Period

TV shows and movies have publicized the 24- to 48-hour waiting period once a person becomes missing. However, this waiting period does not exist in real police offices. As soon as you know that someone is missing, report it to the police immediately.

Anyone Can Be a Missing Person

Anyone can be missing. It can be a small child left at a mall or a full-grown adult on his way to work. If you cannot locate someone you love and believe that he or she may need medical, legal, or any other kind of help, then it’s time to file a missing person report.

Supply the Right Information

Make sure to supply the right information. Provide a complete description that may help the police find the person, whether through manual data or a police RMS. Bring a clear photograph—preferably one from the shoulders up—and provide a specific description of height, weight, age, and identifying marks. Tell what they were last seen wearing and who they were seen with before they went missing.

Don’t Discount the Details

It’s important to tell the police every piece of information associated with the missing person. Of course, such details must be in connection to the events that led to the person’s disappearance. Children and adults who are mentally or physically impaired may get special attention from the police. The same goes for victims of crime or other cases of foul play.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is an advantageous tool when it comes to finding a missing person. Cooperate with the police by announcing the person’s disappearance. Raise public attention and interaction with lawmakers, and make sure to inspect the missing person’s online accounts if applicable.

Be clear and transparent when filing a missing person report so you can help the police help you. Remember to be wary and honest at times like this.