What Can You Do with Leftover Wood Floor Cuttings?

Decking in Perth

Decking in PerthDon’t just haul those extra pieces of wood back into the garage or shed in the backyard. Though they can make great wood chips or fuel for your fireplace, you can turn them into useful and lovely objects that can upgrade your home.

Here are three ideas you can work on yourself.

Install as Wainscoting – For this project, you should also use long leftover wood planks. Remove the room’s base trim. Measure the height you want for the wainscoting. Cut the planks into uniform sizes using the measurements you got. Toenail both ends of the planks. Glue to the wall with commercial grade wood adhesive or construction glue. Reattach your base trim and paint or varnish according to taste.

Construct a Mini-Deck – You may need expert advice for this project but a recycled decking would be perfect to connect a garden to your home for a wider looking space for your living room area. Your decking in Perth should be attached to your glass door landing, and let it bleed into the garden. If you still have planks leftover from your latest wood flooring installation, you don’t even need to cut them into similar lengths. Arrange them, with just enough spaces in between, using their irregular sizes as the design. For the final touch, arrange plants around the edges of the new deck and slide the glass doors wide open. Viola, instant space!

Arts and Crafts – Build a birdhouse, a fruit bowl, a wooden floor mat for the kitchen entrance, a small wooden cabinet for your craft tools. There are endless possibilities when you have the right tools, a healthy dose of creativity and the time and patience to look online for possible projects. Aim to make easy projects first then move on up when you gain more skill and confidence.

Wood has always been one of the most elegant and long-lasting materials used for flooring. Imagine what it can do for your home if they were turned into other wonderful wooden decor or fittings. Go ahead and try your hand at it and be amazed at the results.