Wedding Planning Basics: Choosing the Right Tent Rental

Wedding Venue in Minnesota

Wedding Venue in MinnesotaIf you’re considering a tent for your wedding, you’ve got to make sure that you pick the right one for your big day. Discussing all your requirements and concerns with the rental company will ensure you get the one that’s perfect for your wedding.

Determine the Right Size

According to Apres Party and Tent Rental, you must first determine exactly how many guests you’ll be having so that you’ll know what size you should rent. For instance, if you have 50 to 60 guests sitting and 30 more in banquet tables, you can go with a 20 X 20 tent. It’s likewise vital that you take into account the different spaces inside the tent. Will you be having the ceremony inside the tent, a photo booth area, sitting area, dance floor, a stage, food tables, and a full orchestra? All these should be established before you even speak with a rental company.

Know the Weather

It’s also important that you consider the weather and time of day. For a normal sunny day, consider taller sidewall to help circulate the air inside the tent. A bigger tent will likewise make the venue appear more spacious. You should also think about whether you want a clear or more opaque tent fabric especially if your wedding is taking place when the sun is still high up. Note that a clear tent during a harsh summer day will only trap in heat, similar to the greenhouse effect.

Double Check the Materials

On the other hand, consider a clear span tent rental if the weather is going to be rainy or windy because its structure is known to be extremely stable and secure when set up properly. It’s also much easier to open, close, and handle, which is an extremely practical feature in uncertain weather conditions. Note that you’ll also have to think about proper drainage in case of rain.

You can take your pick among various tents in different sizes, shapes, and colors, provided that you take the aforementioned considerations into account when choosing which one you want for your wedding day. And although the rental company will have to work out all the crucial details of your tent rental, it pays to know the essentials because after all, it’s going to be a critical component or your much-anticipated wedding day.