Website Management: Improving Rankings in Mobile Searches

Mobile usability

Mobile usabilityGoogle changed its search algorithm to rank mobile-friendly websites higher in its mobile search results. Mobile-friendly websites provide better user experience, load pages faster and make the user more engaged when they visit using their mobile device.

With this knowledge, improve your websites to get higher ranks. Remember the following factors:

  • Mobile Keywords

For a website to rank higher, it needs to include the right keywords. Be aware that Google may display different results for mobile and desktop searches. Use Google Webmaster Tools to determine which mobile keywords rank higher.

Companies offering SEO services in Perth can use this tool and more to come up with a list of keywords that drive traffic to mobile and desktop websites.

  • Mobile usability

A website that enhances user experience retains customers. This translates to a better conversion rate. Achieve this by hiring companies offering SEO services. Perth specialists say that one of the best methods is to simplify the site design so it loads faster on mobile.

Make the site compatible with third-party software as well.

With the increase in smartphones and tablets usage, advertisers turn to these devices to capture the attention of their target consumers. Sites that improve user experience and allow users to explore as if they were on the desktop can double their advertising revenue.

  • Mobile browsing and Local content

Fifty per cent of adult Australians use their tablets to access the internet. Most mobile users who search for information are looking for local content.

Localizing your content will give your customers something they can identify with. Pair this with well-designed and well-researched local content and the conversion rate of your local ads will improve.

Apart from getting more visitors, a mobile-friendly website makes your brand stand out and creates a positive impression. Visitors will want to come back. Start developing your mobile-friendly website now.