Washing Machines That Wash: Easy Maintenance Tips to Make Them Last

Washer Repair in Salt Lake City

Washer Repair in Salt Lake CityMajority of households today have front-load washers mainly because of ergonomics, their improved energy and water efficiency, and gentler way of cleaning. No matter how modern they look, however, they’re still not perfect. They’re prone to damage, and repairs could be costly.

To make sure your washer works properly, take note of these easy maintenance tips:

  • Remember that more detergent isn’t necessarily better. Choose detergents made specifically for high efficiency washers as conventional detergents generate excessive suds that could accumulate in the washer’s hose and drum. These can lead to mold development and can damage your washer over time.
  • Avoid liquid fabric softeners or minimize it by using only a teaspoon in one load. This also goes for bleach. Remember that high efficiency washers use less water.
  • Choose the spin setting appropriate to your washing load. According to allproapplianceservice.com and other professional washer repair technicians, higher spin settings result in drier loads. This could likewise result in undue wear and tear on your washer’s system.
  • Always leave your washer’s door slightly open to ensure that air circulates even when not in use. This also helps prevent mildew and mold buildup.
  • Clean the door seal regularly by using a vinegar and water solution.
  • Clean your washer’s drain filter at least every four to six weeks, especially when you notice issues, such as strange noises, damp clothes after the final cycle, prolonged cycles, or unusual breaks during a cycle.
  • You should also clean your washer drum every month for added measure. Use white vinegar and baking soda for some scrubbing action and to help neutralize the machine’s pH level as well. Set the cycle to the hottest setting and do an additional rinse.

If you’ve followed these instructions but still experience issues with your washing machine, find out what’s causing the problem and resolve it if you can before contacting a professional technician.