Wall Cladding Systems: Go For The Natural Options

wall cladding

wall claddingWall cladding refers to the application or installation of a material onto the walls of a building. Walls inside the building, as well as the exterior walls of the building can receive cladding. The materials used for cladding are widely varying – from vinyl to Palliside, from stone to aluminium and steel.

The material used can also depend on the purpose of cladding the wall. This is either to protect the wall from extreme weather conditions, or for aesthetic purposes. Cladding of the interior wall of a home is mainly for aesthetic purposes, while cladding the exterior of a home is usually to protect the building. Cladded walls can also improve the value of your home.

Reasons to Clad

The Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements listed down some reasons that cladding has become so popular:

  • It protects the walls of your home, by preventing the elements, like rainwater, from seeping into the building.
  • Some cladding materials are impervious to fire, and provide thermal and sound insulation.
  • The cladded walls look appealing to the eye.

Of course, some users are environmentally conscious and would like their homes to feature all-natural facilities. This includes wall cladding, as well. Typically, the most sound options for wall cladding material is vinyl, but as this is synthetic, eco-friendly individuals opt for natural ones instead.

  • You can use natural materials, such as stone or wood, for the environmentalist at heart. Take note that even the natural material for cladding is available in various colours, textures, styles and finishing.
  • Natural materials like stone and wood are strong and durable. When used for cladding, they protect your home much more effectively.
  • Natural cladding materials are usually breathable, which reduces the chances of condensation forming on the walls. This could also prevent the growth of any mould or mildew on the walls.

Wall claddings are added protection, but they do not need to be fully utilitarian and destroy the ambience of your home. You can use natural materials for your wall cladding options to give your home a rugged but rustic aesthetic.