Walk-In Tubs: The Bathing Choice Everyone Loves

Senior woman relaxing on tub

Walk-in tubs were initially developed as tubs for the disabled, so people with physical limitations can bathe independently. But these tubs have become popular with others, too: elderly people, larger people, and even relatives of the disabled all love using walk-in tubs.

Accessible tubs, as they are sometimes called, feature a side opening door or a drop-down panel so that the user can easily transfer from wheelchair to bathtub without assistance. Those who are ambulatory can get into the tub without having to step over the side. This reduces the risk of accidents and is helpful if the person has pain or difficulty with range of movement.

Some of the features of accessible tubs make them attractive to people without disabilities, as well.

Easy Access Reduces Falls

The easy access design is great for elderly people. Deterioration in balance may occur as a natural consequence of aging, making slips and falls more likely. As the bathroom often has wet surfaces, it is the most common place for seniors to have accidents. Using a walk-in tub is a good preventive measure. Many models come with built-in “stay dry” surfaces, making puddles a thing of the past. They also have grab handles and heated seats for extra comfort.

Better Shape for Larger Bathers

Larger people also buy tubs for the disabled because they come in different shapes and sizes and could be more suited to their needs. Some walk-in tubs are round, more like a hot tub or Jacuzzi. These offer a more comfortable bathing experience. Bathers needn’t squeeze into a narrow bathtub.

Spa Options

Some people like accessible tubs for their spa options. Why pay to use a day spa when bathers can have a spa in their own home? Options may include whirlpool massage with jets of water, multiple massage features, soothing for a bad back or sore feet, air spa mode for thousands of invigorating bubbles and color therapy for multi-colored light while bathing.

Walk-in tubs were designed for disabled people but other people use them too. Whatever the reason, there’s a walk-in tub for everyone.