Various types of Electrical Testing Equipment

Electrical Testing EquipmentElectrical gadgets have been a very important part of our daily living for decades now. There are different sets of electrical equipment available to make each of our tasks easier. These have helped us save time in a big way, as they can do the job very quickly.

There are a number of devices available that can check if that these devices are functioning properly. These are called electrical testing equipment which includes electric circuit testers, battery testers, and other relevant tools.

  • Automatic test equipment

This test equipment is an advanced form of electrical testing device, as it can function with minimal human intervention. It is very efficient, especially in cases where high volumes and repeated productions are involved. This equipment uses computers to test and measure the industrial units. This needs to be set up by professionals as it requires proper technical knowledge during the programming stages. This is very popular in testing various components including interconnections, printed circuit boards and verifications.

  • Backplane testers

To test resistors, capacitors, and other electronic components, backplane testers are preferred. They look like printed circuit boards but have different slots and sockets to test a wide range of electronic devices and equipment. These are very important tools used in networking and are also categorized as in-circuit testers or continuity analyzers.

  • Battery testers

Test equipment used for fuel cells are normally used along with battery testers. These are used for performance and endurance testing. They are used to monitor and analyze a battery cell’s amperage, voltage, charge, DC resistance and temperature. They can also tell the user if the current condition of the battery is not good enough and if a replacement is needed immediately.

There other most common testing equipment is the burn-in-test equipment, which is used to analyze power chips and boards. Thus the electrical testing equipment are classified depending on the type of industry that requires and makes use of that particular device.