Utah is One of the Fittest States in the US

Utah and its War on Obesity

Utah and its War on ObesityObesity and diabetes are serious health problems that beset every state in the US — but not so much in Utah. Utah has consistently ranked in the bottom 10 when it comes to state-wide obesity. Whatever it is the people are doing, it’s working.

Fit is the New Normal

Less than one in four Utah residents suffer from obesity, and you might need a tummy tuck in Salt Lake City from clinics such as Dr. Steven Warnock to fit in. The city consistently ranks in the bottom 10 of all the cities in the US when it comes to the percentage of adults with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity.

As a state, Utah ranks in the bottom two when it comes to diabetes. Only 7.2 percent of adult Utah residents have diabetes compared to the nationwide norm of 9.4 percent.

A Healthy Lifestyle Starts Early

The importance of exercise and physical activity is ingrained early in every Utah resident. Fitness courses are required once you step into middle school lasting until the end of high school. Younger children aren’t required, but they are encouraged to engage in some sort of physical activity.

Because of these programs and the mindset of parents’ regarding physical activity for their children, Utah has the lowest incidence of obesity and overweight children in the whole nation.

A Drive for Healthy Eating

The state bombards everyone with programs and projects to encourage eating healthy. Nutrition guides are easy to access and organizations (both government and non-government) are ready and willing to answer any questions regarding diet and even guide you personally.

Companies and foundations have their own programs that promote proper diet along with practices to avoid diabetes.

Utah is a shining example of how a state — with the cooperation of its people — can help its residents live a more active and healthier life. It proves that a persistent state government and a well-informed populace can tackle serious health issues head-on and win.