Understanding the Western Lifestyle: Representing Country Fashion

Western Fashion

Western FashionWestern wear is probably the most distinctive clothing as it never fails to pique the interest of both men and women that cherish the heritage of the Old West. Today, you do not need a tractor, pickup or even a horse to wear western clothing. With just a hint here or a piece there, you can easily glide into casual with western attire no matter who you are.

Creation of the western fashion

A harsh environment and climate characterized the life in the Old West in the past. These harsh conditions demanded the need for clothing that would stand these natural elements. As a result, designers and clothing companies designed the western wear to not only protect people from the natural elements, but also ensure they are comfortable while working in their fields. This wear has since evolved into functional, fashionable and stylish country wear.

The style

Western wear refers to western shirts, jackets, belts, purses, hats, and euro seat breeches, says A.A. Callister’s. Other important accessories are neckwear items, bolo ties, chaps, and cuffs. These products perform the function of defining the wearer’s link to the Old West.

Representing country wear

Among the best ways of representing western wear is wearing western shirts with a pair of jeans or euro seat breeches. You can accessorize this wear to your preferred style with cowboy boots and western belts with cowboy buckles. Only make sure you are comfortable in your choice of attire.

Developments in the fashion industry have widely embraced western wear. Never again is cowboy wear a fashion of the past. Cowboy fashion is trendy, with celebrities, movie stars and even fashion mavens around the globe, adding hints of western wear in their wardrobes.

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