Treatment Options for Common Dental Health Issues Among Seniors

an old man eating an apple

With better healthcare technologies, people are not only living for a long time but also retaining their permanent teeth. As people age, they are unfortunately prone to contracting certain oral diseases.

These diseases compromise their overall immunity since it provides an entry point for different disease-causing pathogens. With prompt treatment for various conditions and routine medical checkups at a dental practice in Meridian, you could boost oral health, even if you are approaching old age.

There is a range of treatment options available for common oral health conditions among seniors. Smileworks Dental explains some of them.

Gum Disease

This is among the leading causes of tooth loss in seniors. Gum disease results from the infiltration of plaque bacteria, which thrive as it sticks to the biofilm that adheres to inadequately cleaned teeth surfaces.

Your dentist might opt for scaling and root planning, antibiotics, laser treatment or regenerative surgery for your gum disease treatment.

Dry Mouth

Dealing with dry mouth can be annoying, but it is also harmful to your dental health. There are different lubricants with acid neutralizers, digestive enzymes and antibacterial agents that can relieve dry mouth to some extent.

Your dentist might also recommend prescription and in-office fluoride treatments as well as anti-fungal or anti-bacterial treatments.

Broken Teeth

Worn out, rotten and old dental fillings typically leave sharp teeth ends, which can lacerate your tongue or cheeks when left unattended. Ceramic fillings, dental bonding, crowns, implants and root canals are some of the treatment options for broken teeth.

If your teeth are broken far below your gum line or jawbone, tooth extraction and replacement with implants or dentures might be the ideal solution.

Oral health forms a significant part of overall health in seniors, but unfortunately, very few people pay attention to it. The issues mentioned here might seem trivial, but they can be the stumbling block in an elderly patient’s well-being.

With the treatment options available for these problems, you can now guarantee your aging loved one’s optimal health.