Top Materials for Constructing Conservatories

Classic conservatory structure

When looking to create extra space in your home, conservatories are among your best options. You will need to make certain decisions when installing this structure in your home. Whether you’re beautifying your house or using it as an event venue, contractors can help you build the appropriate conservatory.

The three common building materials for conservatories include:


Wood is by far the most versatile building material. You may choose among the different types of hardwood species, such as mahogany and oak, as well as softwoods such as cedar, pine, and cypress. Hardwood is more robust than softwood, but it costs more. Timber requires treatment to protect your structure against harsh weather conditions.


This is a versatile type of metal used in construction. Compared to other building materials, aluminum is more affordable. In addition, the material is non-combustible and is ideal for locations that require the use of safer materials in construction. Aluminum comes in different colors, giving you a variety of options. This type of metal holds up well in harsh weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance over the years.

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC)

UPVC systems are relatively cheap, but you will not get much detailing options when working with the material. You must ensure that the system you get is ideal for your area and that there’s enough ventilation. The maintenance costs of structures made of this material are low and the structure will still hold well.

Conservatories are an ideal solution for space needs in a home. Your choice of material will influence the look, strength, and durability of the structure. Choose the ideal contractors to enjoy a solid structure that will serve you for decades.