Tips for a Fun-Filled First Time Ski/Snowboard

Ski Trip

Ski Trip in St VailFirst impressions matter when it comes to skiing or snowboarding. Enjoying your first time will most likely determine whether you’ll choose to ski or snowboard again. As a first-timer, you may feel either nervous or excited, or you may feel both. To ensure a fun-filled experience with your first ski or snowboard ride, you can follow these tips.

Rent, Don’t Buy

For skiers, one cardinal rule you may hear constantly from experts is that you rent your equipment. Rented equipment from shops like the American Ski Exchange saves you money on your first time, and should you decide not to pursue skiing, you aren’t left with unwanted gear. This “rent” rule may apply to ski clothing as well. Again, you can save money by renting if you don’t already have winter clothes.

Learn from the Experts

Another good ski tip is to take skiing lessons. Skiing obviously requires you to learn basic skiing skills. You can only learn skills by learning under an instructor. Some experts may even say that skiing lessons are a requirement rather than an option.

Again, Rent What You Need

For snowboarders, you can also follow the rent rule when it comes to snowboard equipment and winter clothing. Vail has snowboard rentals as do other ski and snowboard resorts. A good thing to remember when renting is not to be picky. Winter clothing for rent are designed for durability rather than performance. This is alright if you are not even sure that you’ll continue to snowboard in the future.

Visit during the Weekdays

Another good snowboard tip which skiers can follow as well is to visit the winter resorts during weekdays so there are less people. The crowds usually visit during the weekends or during holidays. You can avoid the hustle and bustle of full accommodation during weekdays. You may not have free weekdays, however. In such cases, you have no choice but to go on a weekend.

Of course, the ultimate tip in having fun during your first time is to decide to have fun. Even if you experience bad moments during your trip, you can still end up laughing when you look back at your experience.