Three Friends Go Teeth Whitening – How To Choose The Safest And Most Reliable Treatment Method

Teeth WhiteningSo you’re interested in teeth whitening treatment, but confused by the plethora of products on the market that make wild claims about the astonishing results they produce. . . That’s perfectly understandable. To help guide you through the mind field of whitening options, let’s follow three friends – Mandip, Carol, and Chelsea – on their quest for whiter teeth.

These three best friends have heard all about teeth whitening, but have never had the procedure themselves. It’s Mandip’s wedding next month and all the girls want to have beautiful, dazzling, Hollywood style smiles to show off. But they argue over how best to achieve it. Chelsea likes to save money and goes for the DIY approach, picking up whitening toothpaste and mouthwash from the chemist.

Mandip wants to get things done properly, so she visits Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire and asks a dentist to whiten her teeth. She’s heard this is the safest way to do so, and also knows that it will produce long-lasting results, so her smile will still look amazing for her wedding.

Carol hasn’t told her friends, but she’s scared of the dentist. A friend of her cousin is a beauty therapist, who offers teeth whitening treatment at her salon. Surely a beautician is a good candidate to whiten teeth? After all, she did an amazing job on her cousin’s eyebrows.

All three friends begin their teeth whitening journey, and agree to meet up for their regular pizza night the following weekend. So, how have they fared?

Chelsea is not impressed. Neither her whitening toothpaste nor mouthwash have made much difference to the colour of her teeth – in fact, her friends can’t tell the difference at all. She’s left angry and frustrated at wasting time and money.

Poor Carol has fared worse, though. She’s got painful blisters on her gums because her teeth whitening wasn’t professionally delivered. She knows now that a beautician offering teeth whitening does so illegally, and she steels herself to book a dentist’s appointment.

As for Mandip, her teeth aren’t as white as she wants them yet, but already her friends can see the difference. Her professional home teeth whitening takes about two weeks to fully complete. Her friends now realise this is the only safe, reliable option.