The World of an IT Project Manager: A Beginner’s Guide

IT Project Manager

IT Project ManagerNo matter what business you are in, there would come a point when you would be tasked to handle a major project. It could be as mundane as making sure the company has its own business process manual, or as grand as coming up with an infrastructure for multiple locations.

Of all the areas where proper project management is used, none can be more critical than in the IT department. Nonetheless, IT project management is still considered one of the most misunderstood.

The Impact of Project Management on the IT Department

IT Project management involves the management of activities involving the set up and maintenance of T infrastructures and processes. IT project managers are usually tasked with activities that touch on:

  • Research
  • IT Services
  • Software and Applications Development
  • Setup and Maintenance of Infrastructures
  • Deployment of Systems
The Ideal IT Project Manager

For an IT project manager to be effective in his job, he would need to possess a number of characteristics:

  1. Good foresight

As with any manager, an IT project manager would need to have a good grasp of what each of his actions could result in. Far from relying on gut feel, he or she should understand what areas he can use to predict future outcomes.

  1. Good communication skills

A project is rarely a one-man affair; but, for a number of people to move in one direction, the project manager should know how to communicate in an effective manner. Any miscommunication could cause a delay or a mishandling of the project.

  1. An emphatic yet pragmatic way of looking at things

A good project manager should be able to approach problems in a logical way while considering the strengths and limitations of his or her own team. Without one or the other, a project would not be able to move forward.

IT project management has its own set of benefits and challenges, but the most effective system is one that facilitates all of the elements and supports multiple methodologies. It should also be easy to use and relatively affordable.