The Real Deal with Real Estate SEO: How Strategy, Content & Technology Drive Traffic


SEOApparently, the march of digital progress has reached the shores of real estate.

In this digital age, it’s important for real estate investors to maintain an online presence as part of their marketing strategy. According to search engine giant Google, the online world grants consumers instant access to an extensive range of information with the click of a mouse.

For My Turn Media Group, real estate investors should make the most of the online realm’s possibilities through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO allows websites to gain traffic by luring potential clients to a business’s services.

A Glimpse of Real Estate SEO

Real estate SEO applies search engine optimization techniques on websites dealing with properties. Due to its wide scope, the digital landscape of real estate SEO is a jungle for new and small-scale agencies. With big brands dominating the scene, many investors find it hard to beat brands for localized search traffic.

Because of the challenge, there are many who hesitate to invest time and effort in real estate SEO. But with the right set of skills, investors can build long-term assets and increase their search traffic.

Focusing on SEO Strategies

Realtors dealing with SEO for the first time usually assume that users use the same keywords on search engines. Rather than focus on keywords, investors should determine target markets and potential clients. Picking smaller towns in the area for keywords generates more leads than a general keyword. Instead of trying to rank for search results like “Indiana Real Estate”, starting with smaller neighborhoods attracts more potential buyers.

Technology Matters

It’s not enough to have technology — it must be up-to-date to help you. Investors should work with trusted SEO and site providers with software that generates traffic and leads. A real estate investor’s website platform should cater to their visitors’ changing needs. Also, site providers should continuously provide their clients reports on their progress.

Content Optimization Works

Great content not only establishes trust with users, it also attracts referrals and traffic. Optimized content refers to unique content updated in the site at least twice a week. With optimized content, search engines will lead potential clients towards the investor’s site.

Getting the top rank on Google is a difficult yet possible feat for investors. There are numerous techniques to help sites receive attention. With the right tools, investors will attract more clients online.