The Moving List: What to Look for in a Self-Storage Facility

Self Storage

Self StorageAre you a Perth resident and constantly moving items from your home or business to a storage facility? Self-storage facilities can store household items both large and small, furniture, commercial goods, automobiles, caravans, boats and containers. In addition, they provide 24/7 security to your items and a keyless access to the storage units at your own convenience.

Choose the right facility

With tons of cheap self-storage, Perth residents are bound to find it challenging to identify the ideal choice. The only guaranteed way to find the right storage facility is to go check it in person. This will help you identify the security and physical state of the facility you want.

Identify an appropriate size

Identifying the ideal size of a storage facility is a common problem experienced by new renters. No one wants surprises when the size expectations of a storage facility are not met.

Don’t solely rely on the standard size guidelines given by the facility. The space may not be as large as it seems. Figure out the size of your boxes and furniture. Know exactly what is going into the unit and then choose the right size.

Watch out for hidden fees 

Some facilities will have underlying fees such as insurance charges. After all, your goods have to be insured. Enquire about any additional fees, including the admin fee.


After you have filed all the paperwork and selected an appropriate facility and unit, a representative from the facility should guide you through the process of moving your items. Confirm your reservation, and the size and price of the unit prior to moving your items.

When arranging your items in the storage unit, remember to leave some space if you think you need to get anything in storage. Who would want to move everything outside to locate a single item?

Self-storage facilities give you space for your items. When you need to choose a facility, don’t forget these factors.