The Booming Security Monitoring Industry in Australia

Security Monitoring in Gold Coast

Security Monitoring in Gold CoastWith all businesses wanting and needing to protect their assets, it makes sense that the security industry has seen a considerable increase in a demand for their services. From security guards to bodyguards, crowd controllers and cash in transit security, there are just so many options for those who want to enter this industry.

One of the specialised areas in this particular sector is security monitoring. Through the proper Gold Coast Security training and meeting the prerequisites, you can up your career and have a satisfying, fulfilling, and good-paying job.

Preparing yourself for the challenges ahead

Before you can pursue a career in the security monitoring industry, you first need to step up and determine whether or not you have what it takes to become one of these professionals, reminds an expert from Patience is one of the key qualities that make such an individual an expert in what he/she does. This is especially true since monitoring involves watching hours and hours of CCTV feed.

Training expectations

After you have completed your training in this department, you will receive a Monitoring Statement of Attainment, which serves as a partial Certificate III in Security Operations. Once you obtain this, you can then have the Office of Fair Trading add the Security Monitoring capability to your Class 1 License.

Upon attaining this function, you can proceed to choose from a more expansive array of job paths, including CCTV Monitoring Officer or Security Control Room Operator.

The benefits of having a license as a security monitoring officer outweigh most of these challenges, though, seeing as you can avert not just threats against the company you work for, but also save lives placed on the line. And with an hourly average salary of AU$18.16 – AU$26.92, you can have a fulfilling yet good-paying job, too.