The Appropriate Commercial Door: Factors That Can Affect Your Choice

Commercial DoorThe fact that most commercial properties are meant to be accessed by various individuals and installation of doors in such properties is affected by various factors, means that door requirements for these properties are also different, compared to what is the case of residential properties. The choice of specific doors for commercial establishments is based on the factors discussed below.


Commercial properties with limited space will find sectional doors to be most appropriate since they require limited space to close and open. If sufficient space is available, single panel doors can be installed since they require more space.


Various individuals access commercial establishments and paying attention to their needs as far as accessibility is concerned before installing a door is quite necessary. If some of those accessing the place are in wheelchairs, then the door to be installed should be accessible to them too.


There are various options when it comes to this factor including wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminum and vinyl. Each of these has specific properties that make it appropriate or inappropriate for specific commercial establishments. If you prefer to install a commercial steel interior door, for instance, you will be looking at durability and not aesthetic value.

Mode of operation

One can either opt for manual or automated doors for properties of a commercial nature, but this will be based on the frequency of use of such doors. In this case, manual doors will be best for areas that are not accessed frequently, while the automatic type is best suited for areas with increased traffic through the day.

Noise reduction

This is another property that some commercial establishments will find invaluable. It is dictated by the nature of operations within the establishment.

Establishing what door will be best for a commercial property depends on the purpose that a specific door is required to serve.