The Advantage of Microsites to Your Business

Use of Microsites for BusinessA microsite is a mini website outside of a brand’s homepage. Also known as a “branded blog,” or an “independent campaign,” a microsite usually consists of one to two pages that concentrate on a specific topic or promotion.

Businesses usually launch microsites to avoid clutter on their website or to put focus on a product related to their brand. Companies like PR Caffeine, which conceptualize and develop websites, say that microsites hold easy-to-understand information, similar to landing pages.

Some companies think that microsites are a waste of time and money, especially when they already have a running website. However, they do not know that microsites can help boost their business in several ways.

Here’s how microsites can be an advantage to your brand.

Microsites Appeal to New Audiences.

When a company decides to target a new segment of people, a microsite can help them focus on the market they desire.  With a microsite, customers can skip the company’s website, which contains information they don’t really need. It will help them identify the brand, which also allows the company to introduce itself on a more effective way.

The SEO is Stronger.

Since it has a separate URL, microsites can instantly boost a company’s search rankings. Search engines like Google and Bing will easily understand your microsite’s content, which will help make your brand appear first on online search results. This drives more traffic to your website and draws more potential customers.

There is Creative Freedom.

Microsites allow companies to veer away from their standard design and brand elements. It lets them show more culture and creativity, which attracts old and new customers. Apart from this, a microsite can also host modern web installations like animations and games. This makes the company more accessible and modern-day.

Microsites are Cost-Efficient.

Building a microsite requires time and talent, which will definitely cost a significant amount of money. However, this is cheaper than launching a campaign that requires a full website, and a number of paid promotions. A microsite can easily sell a product or service by being direct and accessible to the general audience.

Businesses may find microsites unnecessary, but they should know that this could help them improve their credibility and sales. Whether it’s for a new product or service they would like to highlight, it’s time companies consider microsites as a means of boosting their brand.