The 411 on Queensland’s Statutory Warranty Rules for Used Cars

Used CarIn Queensland, you’re legally entitled to a statutory warranty at no additional cost when you purchase a used car from a licenced car dealership or chattel auctioneer. However, this warranty will vary from one state or territory to another. Regardless of where you purchase your car, this warranty will protect against financial loss in the event that your used car is found to be malfunctioning.

Queensland Statutory Warranty Rules

Your statutory warranty will cover your car if your car was made less than 10 years prior to your purchase and if the mileage is below 160,000 kilometres. Note that it will expire when your car reaches its first 5000 kilometres or after three months.

On the other hand, the warranty won’t apply to vehicles not within the period of warranty, those being sold for private sellers under consignment, those under the written-off register, and those that are prohibited from being registered due to their specific design, as well as caravans, motorcycles, commercial vehicles.

Note that auctioneers or dealers should inform you if a car isn’t protected by a warranty, insists. They could easily do this by putting up signs throughout the establishment or in the main entrance, on the price tag or windshield of the car, or outright declaring it in advertisements for the used car.

What a Statutory Warranty Covers

The warranty will cover majority of defects. In this context, a car is defective if it’s clearly worn out that it can’t function properly and as expected. On the other hand, defects not covered by the warranty include tyre tubes or tyres, radiator hoses, fitted airbags, batteries, lights (apart from the turn indicator light utilised as the hazard light or a warning light), installed audio equipment, spark plug, aerial, wiper rubber, oil filter and oil, distributor point, air or fuel filter, heater hose, upholstery, and paintwork. It also does not cover anything you installed in the car after you purchased it and any damage from negligence or mishandling on your part.

In the event that the car dealership has been sold, know that you can’t hold the new owner accountable for repairs and that the previous dealer is still liable for the warranty of your car. You can also consider having your car inspected by a mechanic as your warranty nears its end so you can have issues repaired while the warranty is still in effect.