The 4 Major Pitfalls When Choosing Building Contractors

Home in QueenslandHome renovation is a sensitive project that you can’t let your contractor ruin. If any blunder occurs, it can be a heart-wrenching and frustrating experience for you. The overall success of your construction project lies in the hands of your contractor.

Researching on their skill, knowledge, professionalism and other critical attributes is important. Note that your contractor will handle all permits, manage the construction project and hire subcontractors. The biggest mistake that homeowners make in hiring contractors is failing to research on the building experts. This practice often leads to project going wrong.

Here are some mistakes made when hiring contractors and how to avoid them:

Estimates and Bids

Most homeowners look out for the lowest bids; look for at least three estimates from different firms. Choosing the lowest bidder and the first contractor on site is a terrible move. For every bid, find out the reason for the costs involved. Obtaining several estimates allows you to know if you are getting a fair deal from them. How many projects has the contractor handled in the past and will yours require a permit? The contractor should also have personal liability, property damage coverage and worker’s compensation insurance.

Written Agreement

Most customers do not insist on a written contract, which is a major mistake. You cannot hold the contractor to any tentative agreement if you do not put everything to writing. This leaves you with little recourse whenever anything goes awfully wrong. Although contract requirements vary in different regions, recommends asking Brisbane house builders for one even if your jurisdiction does not require a written agreement.

Unresponsive Contractor

It is unfortunate that some homeowners are the ones who follow up on projects, while it should be the other way around. Don’t consider a contractor that fails to return calls or emails for an estimate or consultation on your list. Communication is incredibly essential in these projects. Stop chasing a contractor that seems reluctant. With these kinds of building contractors, you are prone to frustrations.

Upfront Fees

If you do not know your rights, unscrupulous contractors will take advantage of you. These contractors ask for large upfront deposits. At times, it may be as high as 50% of the overall project costs before work commences. Later, they will disappear with the whole amount with zero work done. In most provinces, the standard down payment is 10%. Your local licensing board should give you a specific number.

Finding a reliable building contractor requires an effort from your side. An expert can help distinguish between an expensive and stressful renovation from one that will satisfy and be worth your investment.