That Thing Called Humor: The Essential Role of Humor in Leadership

Humor in LeadershipStereotype bosses are those who always have their eyebrows furrowed, sharp dagger looks, and a very dark aura. While these types of leaders are common, there’s still a substantial difference between leading by fear and managing with respect. Clearly, employees prefer that their bosses be a bit lighthearted, with a sense of humor.

Uplift Team Morale

With this trait, you can be a better anchor for your team. In times that they’re so down and tired of work, your humor can energize them. Cracking jokes can make your employees smile and laugh. You should be the energy guy of the company, the person who relieves workers of the tension.

Eliminate Intimidation

Studies show that there is a decrease in the performance of employees if they’re intimidated by the presence of their employer. Having that kind of disposition puts your workers at ease. This eliminates the intimidation factor whenever you’re around, allowing them to work more efficiently and be who they really are.

Energize the Workplace

Sometimes work can be too serious that it creates a dull atmosphere in the workplace. Keep the work environment healthy and liven things up with humor. Good leaders shouldn’t be bossy; harsh attitude only creates issues. As a manager, the last thing you want in your company is to deal with problems like employees complaining that their boss is rude or unreasonable.

Lighten Bad News

As the leader, you’re often responsible in breaking the bad news to your team. Delivering the news in a solemn, serious tone adds up to its weight, but if you’re a funny and entertaining motivational speaker, it’ll be less daunting to people. No matter how bad the situation is, you can find ways to ease things up even a little bit.

Build Companionship

More heads are better than one, and teamwork is a key factor to the success of a business. But for you to be in harmony with your team, you need to have that special bond. Humor is the thing that creates this link. By sharing laughter, you make an employer-employee relationship more comfortable.

There are many traits that make leaders great. But only humor can make them a better person as well.