Taking a Bath — and More — in Bath, England


BathYou may have an upcoming short break from work or school. What’s a better way to spend time off than to take a short holiday in Bath? Go with friends, with family or even by yourself and enjoy the historic town.

Small but Stunning

For people who are looking for beautiful countryside sights and a sense of relaxation, a visit to Bath will do you good. Located in southwest England, Bath is relatively small. Walk around the town and visit all the must-see sites. A boutique B&B in Bath can easily be located near the town centre.

One of the Top

For 2015, Bath ranked fourth in Britain’s top ten best cities, according to a U.K. publication. Enjoy the beauty of Bath if you want smaller travel destinations than big cities like London, York or Edinburgh.

Time-Travel to Roman Times

Bailbrook Lodge mentions Bath as England’s only UNESCO World Heritage City. According to a local tourism website, there are a number of things you just have to do here. One of them is, of course, to visit the Roman Baths. Imagine yourself as a Roman citizen during the height of the Roman Empire. Have an actual sip of the 42-mineral-rich spa waters of the Roman Baths.

Stress-Relieving Waters

When you want to experience the waters, visit the Thermae Bath Spa. With the rooftop pool, you can bathe in the ancient waters of Bath and have a beautiful view of the town at the same time.

Satisfy Your Palate

When you are famished, drop by Sally Lunn’s Historic Eating House & Museum. The house is said to have been around since the 1400s. Here, you can have a taste of the Sally Lunn Bun, a Bath delicacy.

There are many more places to explore and things to do in Bath. When you visit, make sure you have your itinerary all planned out for maximum enjoyment.