a real estate agent touring a couple

How to Find a Reliable Real Estate Developer

September 25, 2018 Admin 0

Choosing the right real estate developer is essential to ensure that your house will be completed on time and without any issues. But how do you find the right developer for your property? Several reputable […]

a real estate agent touring a couple

Real Estate Agent and How to Find One

August 9, 2018 Admin 0

Finding the right professional to work with, regardless of whether you are buying or selling your house, can be challenging. The search is always a complicated process. But knowing where and how to start can […]

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Casino Tycoon Plans A$2B REIT Listing

August 18, 2016 Admin 0

Real estate investment trusts often provide investors with some of the best ways to receive higher returns for their investments, as it allows them to have access to diversified assets and regular income flows. If […]

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Transferring Property to Children

August 17, 2016 Admin 0

The transferring of real estate to children may occur when a parent is still alive. Some cases, however, must acknowledge the passing of the father or mother before his or her child may claim ownership […]

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Building Smart: Achieving Your Dream Home

August 12, 2016 Admin 0

A lot of designing and planning goes into building your new home. People think they’ve thought the whole thing through, but there are still some who end up asking themselves, “What was I/the builder thinking?” […]

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Get Your Money Worth With These Property Buying Hacks

April 11, 2016 Admin 0

These property investment problems are quite common: expensive repairs and renovations. Here are some simple hacks to ensure that you get value for money with every transaction in real estate. Shop around Thanks to modern technology, shopping […]