Switching to an Organic Menu While Keeping Prices Reasonable

Organic dish

Organic is a healthy trend that has been on an upward climb for nearly a decade now. It’s not hard to market organic living anymore, mainly because this means getting rid of the chemicals and toxins that come with traditional ingredients you find in markets. What is hard, however, is transitioning from a regular restaurant to an organic provider, especially because you need to make some costly changes.

Here’s how you can manage the prices better:

Buy Wholesale

When you’re serving organic dishes in your restaurant, you will need different ingredients in large quantities. It’s wise to look for wholesale organic fruit and veg suppliers for the freshest produce that gives you some savings in the process. You will need the savings to offer your dishes with a more affordable price tag. Though customers are willing to pay more for organic food, you can only charge too much before they consider it too expensive.

Buy Local

Sourcing local ingredients means supporting the local economy. More importantly, you are saving on transportation costs, whether from your end or the end of the supplier. These savings can help you further cut back on costs, so your restaurant can be the preferred organic dining option for those on a budget. When people appreciate your food and your prices, they will be more willing to come back.

Have a Seasonal Menu

You’re already sourcing local, but when ingredients are not in season, they can still be pretty costly to buy, if you can even buy them at all. Meanwhile, there are fruits and vegetables in season that are available for lower prices. Rather than sticking to the same dishes and spending more on food preparation, use local ingredients creatively by tweaking your menu to offer what’s in season. This gives customers a chance to experiment with their food intake, and they don’t have to go to a different restaurant for the experience.

An organic menu brings in customers, but you can get an even bigger clientele if you manage to keep the prices affordable.