Survey Shows Slight Increase in UK Engineer Salaries for 2018

Engineer checking blueprints

A survey showed that automotive engineers in the UK earn more this year than in 2017, as salaries rose by more than £800. If you’re looking for vacancies in other fields of engineering, recruiters may help you find the right position. Future Engineering Recruitment Ltd is aware that competition from other professionals could be less noticeable in the UK due to a drop in job searches from the EU countries.

Higher Compensation

Based on the Engineer’s 2018 Salary Survey, the average salary for experienced automotive engineers amounted to £48,967 from £48,100 in the previous year. Junior professionals in this field earn £32,163 on average, while directors or other top-level positions earn £81,227.

The figure varies depending on the employer or the person’s skills and experience, although the common theme in the UK right now has to do with Brexit. While the automotive industry remains the biggest source of engineering jobs, there have been concerns about job losses in some companies. Demand for vehicles from local and overseas markets could also hamper the sector’s growth. The silver lining, however, could be less competition among job hunters.

Salary by Location

Automotive engineers in London and South-east England have the biggest salaries based on location. Their average compensation for this year rose to £56,954 from £50,737 in 2017. It’s unsurprising then that they are the second happiest with their jobs and salaries, next to engineers in the energy industry.

South-west England’s automotive engineers earn the lowest median salary for this year at £38,933. Skills development will serve as a security blanket for those who wish to have a bigger pay cheque, especially now that employers require certain skills, whether or not these companies are in the automotive sector.

Those who think about switching to a new job would have better chances of finding a recruiter who could connect them with the right employer. Applicants with the appropriate skills also have better chances of landing a job, especially if there is a high level of competition for the same role.