Success in Losses: Motivating Your Team Even When on a Losing Streak


SoccerMotivation is the lifeblood of a soccer team. As the coach, it’s your job to keep players motivated — most especially when you experience failure. A losing streak affects morale and definitely influences performance, which makes motivation all the more important after a string of losses.

Failure shouldn’t dictate your next game. Give your team the pep talk, improve your training, and rise above the failure. Grab the opportunity to turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone for success.

Power of Praise

This “unfortunate series of events” isn’t a period to contemplate on your team’s disappointments. It’s okay to be frustrated; in fact, this just shows that your team has a strong competitive spirit, which is the fuel for improvement. Don’t wallow in these negative feelings, though. It’s tempting to give the stern talk, but the most effective strategy here is to focus on the positive.

Experts from suggest evaluating the little successes you have achieved even in your failure. For instance, praise team members who strive to play well even when the team was losing. Highlight specific scenarios in games when a player did something good. Commend those who try and encourage the rest of team to level up their skills despite failure.

Importance of Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is equally important when motivating players. Huddle and encourage team members to evaluate their performance. Make them think constructively about what they need to do to avoid mistakes they have done and be better. Tell them about your personal opinions about what went wrong in the games and how you can improve training sessions.

It’s also important to give them a long-term objective; let them have a concrete vision of success to refuel their passion for winning. Break your objective into smaller goals. More often, when the team gets in the habit of losing, they lose confidence and become too overwhelmed with the over-all aim.

What you need then is specific goals within immediate reach. When the team is able to hit these goals one by one, this will boost morale and inspire them to reach the bigger objective.

Rise above failures and motivate your team through praise and constructive criticism. Refer to coaching resources to know more about how you can keep players motivated.