Study Finds 93% Success Rate in Chiropractic Treatment for Chronic Whiplash Syndrome

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whiplash chiropractor DenverAlthough whiplash may not be associated with fatalities, it can be serious enough to impact a patient’s quality of life. This is particularly true for those who continue to experience symptoms long after sustaining the injury. This condition is known as chronic whiplash syndrome.

Long-term Suffering for Patients

Around 43 percent of patients who sustained whiplash injuries may continue to suffer symptoms on a long-term basis. And it is unfortunate that conventional treatments have not been successful in managing this condition. It’s encouraging to note that a study says patients may find relief through chiropractic therapy.

Study Involving Chronic Whiplash Syndrome Patients

A team of medical researchers carried out a study aimed at determining the impact of chiropractic treatment in patients suffering from chronic whiplash syndrome. The research selected 28 participants composed of eight men and 20 women, with an average age of 29. says whiplash is almost synonymous with car accidents. Independent healthcare providers confirmed that subjects suffered from chronic whiplash syndrome due to injuries sustained from vehicular accidents.

After determining the severity of the participants’ conditions, researchers gave them appropriate chiropractic treatments. These included the various techniques of chiropractic therapy, such as specific spinal manipulation, cryotherapy, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF).

This chiropractic therapy was administered after all subjects attested they didn’t experience relief after getting conventional treatment that included medications and physical therapy.

Significant Improvements Reported by Patients

After analyzing the data, the researchers reported that of the 28 subjects, 26 (93 percent) reported significant improvements in their conditions. These improvements were present in more than one symptom normally associated with whiplash. After the treatment, at least 17 patients decided to terminate their therapies at the time of assessment of the study.

This outcome should be welcome news to those who sustained whiplash injuries after an accident or other causes.