Smile Brighter Than the Future: Your Daily Oral Hygiene Practices

Dental Clinic in TaurangaThe only time you think about paying your dentist a visit is when you have a tooth problem. Little did you know that you are probably missing out a lot by assuming you have a happy and healthy set of teeth. Do not take your teeth for granted. Take a little of your time to do the following.


If you are blessed to have perfect teeth, hold on to that and go an extra mile to keep them healthy. You may be brushing religiously after every meal, but it is not enough to keep cavities away. Flossing will do the trick. You do not have to do after every meal nor every day, but at least do it regularly especially when you have a tightly packed teeth.

Mouthwash and Gargles

Aside from flossing, invest in mouthwashes and gargles. And for the record, these two solutions differ from each other. The former may be used both as cosmetic, as a breath freshener, and for medicinal purpose, as a treatment for throat infection; while the former is only used for the treatment of throat problems.


Believe it or not, drinking water is more than about having a healthier body because it contributes a lot in oral hygiene. Water promotes salivation, which in turn combats tooth decay. Furthermore, the next time you eat sweets, drink water not only to relieve your throat but also to wash away the sugar which is, of course, one of the top culprits for cavities.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists are similar to dentists in a way that they also work on your pearly whites, except they work primarily on the healthy ones. This means they are more after how you maintain the overall health of your oral cavity. They perform measures that keep your oral hygiene intact, unlike dentists who perform treatment to regain oral health. You may find one in Tauranga.

People, especially children, may have had their fair share of “traumatic” experiences during their last trip to the dentist. Keep that from happening ever again by being continuously following the above-mentioned practices.