Sleepless Summer Nights? 3 Ways to Beat the Heat

well ventelated bedroom

Summer days have its share of downsides: sticky feeling, sleepless nights, and waking up during the night. In winter, warm is just right for sleeping. Once summer comes, the heat and humidity can make it impossible to get a good sleep.

well ventelated bedroom

Sleep problems during hot weather are common, as the heat is very wakeful. In fact, almost a third of Americans have difficulty in sleeping during this period.

Despite the lovely sunshine, many are getting irritable and grumpy. Fortunately, there are great ways to keep cool and sleep soundly.

Set up your environment

One of the first ways to improving sleep during hot weather is by reducing the heat in your room. Air conditioning units are a good option, as they provide extra cooling power. Industry expert Kennedy Air Conditioning Inc. believes that cooling systems can transform your bedroom into a place for a deep slumber. It’s also important to keep your room cool, dark, and quiet.

Prepare for sleep

A shower or bath may help to stay asleep longer. If your bedroom is like a sauna, it’s best to take a cool shower to lower your body temperature. Another option you have against the heat is your nightwear. Consider wearing loose, comfortable sleepwear in a light material like cotton.

Tune technology out

It’s best to put that tablet away, stop texting, and quit browsing on your smartphone at least an hour before bedtime. You may not want these to disturb your sleep. Research shows the blue light it produces significantly reduces sleepiness and may even fight fatigue. Don’t think about your devices when you are already struggling to sleep due to the hot weather.

With the start of summer, you should be more mindful about relaxation. These simple changes can go a long way of ensuring a peaceful slumber.