Simple is Better: Simplifying Web Design

Website under construction

Many web users are becoming attracted to simple web designs, as they are aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. Simple designs also make a site look professional and provide better user experience.

Here are a few ways to simplify your web layout.

Website under construction

Mind the Colour and Text Styling

When it comes to visual design, subtlety works better. Use simplified selection or colours to help your visitor focus more on your content rather than get distracted by bright colour schemes. To make your site look more professional, limit your colour selection to one or two accent hues. When it comes to text styling, choose to two or three font styles to gain better readability.

Focus on Two Points

Cut down unnecessary elements and put more attention to your products and services. You can accomplish this using the 80-20 rule, which focuses on displaying 20 per cent of site elements and 80 per cent of usefulness. Work with a web designer or SEO company for small business to help you get rid of the elements that doesn’t have specific use to accomplish your goal.

Simplify Navigation

Consider the location of your navigation buttons. Implement a single main navigation menu and make sure that it is consistent all throughout the website. You can also embed sub-navigation for individual sections and cut the pages in your main navigation menu. This may reflect higher ranking of your web pages.

Stick to Necessary Elements

Focus on the essential elements of your site and get rid of the unnecessary stuff. Eliminate unnecessary ads, random links, and unorganised content. To enhance the effectiveness of your website, reduce the scrolling on a single page. Highlight the quality and relevant content so it will be easily visible and readable to your viewers.

Make your website design as simple as possible with these tips. Work with a reliable SEO company offering web design services to enhance the functionality of your website and make it user-friendly.