Should You Ignore Furnace Noises?

Furnace repair

Unless you live in the Himalayas or somewhere in the middle of the ocean, your surroundings are probably often noisy. Houses today are not saved from the noisy environment that defines modern life. From mobile phone conversations and kids crying to beeps from the microwave and electricity meter, people have inevitably become accustomed to noises.

What do you do if the noise is coming from the furnace, though? More often than not, homeowners take such noises as a reminder that the machine is running all right. Find out the different types of furnace noises and their fixes from a reputable company for heating and cooling in Raleigh, NC:

Types of Noises

The heating and cooling system produces a wide range of noises, each indicating a certain problem. Bangs are signs of loose parts in the system, for instance. Consider this the biggest threat to the health of your furnace, as loose components can jump around and damage other ones. A squealing noise indicates that some moving parts haven’t been lubricated for a while. Other types of noises to take note of are screeches, rattling, booms, and fluttering.

Scheduled Maintenance

Any noise coming from the furnace should be taken seriously. There’s a reason it’s noisy, and it’s your job to find out what’s the cause. It could be an ignition malfunction, a gaping duct, a dirty air filter, or a loose duct work. The best answer to these noises is scheduled annual maintenance. A technician can inspect, clean, and repair your system. You can tell the difference between a neglected and a properly maintained one from the kind of noises it produces.

When you have a furnace installed, your work has just begun. Do not wait until the bangs are so loud that you cannot have a peaceful slumber. Inform a reputable Raleigh NC HVAC company about the funny sounds and consider observing scheduled maintenance henceforth.