Setting Realistic Expectations Straight for Laser Liposuction


LipoDiet and exercise sometimes are not sufficient or fast enough to eliminate pockets of excess fat in the abdomen and thighs. It can be so frustrating that some turn to faster processes that only take a few zaps to tuck their tummies and make it smaller.

Laser liposuction has become an increasingly popular plastic surgery technique and has grown significantly over the last ten years. It first made waves in New York before making its way out to impress laser lipo clients in Minnesota and neighboring states, as well.

Before joining the bandwagon, here are a few things you ought to know regarding the surgery. It helps to come into the room with your expectations set straight. This is not magic and it is not a one-shot solution.

Not a Weight Loss Procedure

Although it is able to remove small and localized concentrations of fat, liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Mostly, only ten pounds of fat or less will be removed from the treated area. The procedure only targets precise and isolated deposits of fat.

It Only Does a Slight Body Shaping

Plenty go into liposuction without knowing what it really is. This procedure only delivers moderate results. It is more of a slight body shaping and so, ideal candidates are those who are already close to the body they want. You cannot be a plus size and expect to be a size 2 afterwards.

It Can’t Prevent You From Gaining Weight Again

Liposuction is not magic. Just because someone went through the surgical procedure doesn’t mean they can’t gain ever weight again. It takes proper diet and a healthy lifestyle to maintain the new shape achieved after the procedure. Should you gain weight, expect dense fat cells in untreated sites instead of your treated areas.

There Exists a Margin of Error

Outcome is still slightly short of perfect. There is a small scope of error as humans are still perfecting sculpting the body. The only safeguard against this margin of error is going to an experienced surgeon with a good record of accomplishment.

Practiced hands and the right mind set can lead you to a more satisfying liposuction result. It only becomes unsatisfying when you walk in with expectations higher than what is realistic. Set your mind straight and you’re sure to walk out happier.