Science-backed Reasons to Prove That a Massage Can Help Alleviate Pain

Woman getting a massage

Around 80% of physician visits in the U.S. tackles one same problem — pain. Not only does it take a toll on the body, it also interferes with a patient’s mental, social, and emotional sides. Instead of relying on prescription or even illicit drugs, consider going for a pain relief massage therapy in Salt Lake City.

Therapeutic Massage Helps Relieve Pain

Several studies looked into the use of massage for different types of pain, including pain in the bone, muscle, spinal cord, fibromyalgia, as well as headaches. The analysis shows that massage therapy helps in dealing with these ailments better than getting no treatment at all. Compared to other methods like physical therapy and acupuncture, massage still proved to be the most beneficial with little to no side effects.

Multiple Mechanisms Could be at Play

In addition to relieving pain, a massage is also proved to calm a person’s anxiety and contribute to a better quality of life. It’s not exactly known how the manipulation of soft tissue can alleviate pain, but it seems that there are multiple mechanisms at play, including neurological, psychological, biochemical, and physiological aspects.

Importance of Frequency and Dosage

Not all people who experience a massage swear to feel relief from pain. The difference in their experience from those who feel immense relief from the method might come down to the dosage. A study looked into the number of times a person with chronic neck pain should get a massage, concluding that hour-long sessions two to three times a week provided the best results.

If you’re struggling with pain, you will find it difficult to do daily tasks and engage in social activities. Furthermore, your quality of life and psychological health may also suffer. Talk to your physician about getting massage therapy. Science shows that it’s one of the safest and most effective methods out there.