Saying Goodbye: Personalized Presents for a Migrating Friend

Special Event for a Migrating FriendOnly a few months left before your special friend travels another country. It's time to start choosing the right token of your love and companionship. Here are a few suggestions that would make a lasting impression:

Jewellery – Whether it’s a gemstone to remind you of the love you share or a precious metal that represents the value you place on each other, personalised jewellery is always a breathtaking gift. Choose one that is appropriate for your friend’s habits and fashion preferences, so they are comfortable wearing it on a daily basis or on special occasions.

A Special Event – Want to hold an event? The Royal recommends reserving a private function room for a special celebration, following one of your friend's favoured themes. Choose anything from their favourite TV show, singer, actress, and movie and decorate accordingly. Have mutual friends come in costume following the given theme. For your friend to have a memento of the said occasion, have it recorded, edited and stored on a USB drive for them to enjoy.

Journals – If your friend is a writer or poet by heart, they will greatly appreciate a personal journal to chronicle their thoughts and experiences in this new life they’re entering. Thanks to the resurgence of traditional visual arts worldwide, there are online stores that offer a whole volley of journals and notebooks. Choose one that you can personalise to fit your friend's aesthetic tastes and needs.

Gadgets – If your friend is a techie, offer a gadget on their wish list as a gift. Have they been craving for that current generation handheld for months? Do they need an upgrade on their laptop? Check online or at local stores for discounts, so you can truly get your money's worth. Remember to choose something they want and have it engraved, too.

Profound, personalised and sincere — your gift can be all these and more. With the right present, you are assured that they can take more than just happy memories with them. Most importantly, don't forget to give your gift with a smile and a hug.