Residential Pest Control: Monthly Or Bi-Monthly Treatments?

keeping your home free from pest

keeping your home free from pestIf you are not careful, it is possible for pests to infest your home. To be safe, you should regularly clean your home to ensure that pests would never invade it.

As experts say, a pest infestation may have serious health consequences. What may aggravate the situation is that you cannot easily get rid of it without proper professional treatments.

Frequency of Pest Control Treatments

When selecting your pest control package, you need to consider if you monthly or bi-monthly treatments can solve your problems. According to Edge Pest Control, the frequency would depend on two things, the seriousness of the threat and the location of your home.

To eliminate infestation of common pests like silverfish or cockroach, you need at least a bi-monthly treatment. Ant infestations, on the other hand, are harder to get rid of and require monthly treatments. The location of your home is also important for experts to find the hiding places of the pests. If your home is near the main source of pests, you need more frequent treatments.

Getting rid of the house pests

A bi-monthly pest treatment is the most cost-effective package. It is sufficient to rid of the common house pests, such as cockroaches, spiders, silverfish and earwigs. Some kinds of pests require a different kind of treatment. With varying problems, ask your pest control expert for other pest control options.

A bi-monthly service is effective for most homes because certain pesticides remain effective for approximately two months upon their application. This treatment ensures that the common pests don’t start breeding in your home. More aggressive types of infestations, however, require a monthly treatment.

Professional Pest Control Solutions

Consult your pest control expert to check your home for possible infestations. Ask for advice to keep your home safe from bed bugs and other pests. Only an expert can identify the infestations in your home as well as the required treatment.

Request a regular pest control treatment schedule to guarantee the safety of the entire household. This can help you maintain the great condition of your furniture and property while ensuring low health risks for the whole family.