Post Whitening Care: Ways to Keep your White Teeth White

Teeth WhiteningSo, you have finally undergone the procedure called teeth whitening, and you have been flashing your great, bright smile to family and friends. But nothing lasts forever. So those teeth will in time lose its whiteness. This it is inevitable, there are ways to prolong the whiteness of your teeth to maximise the perks of your teeth whitening procedure.

Ways to keep your whitened teeth white

  1. Regular oral hygiene

Proper oral hygiene always comes on top of the list. Regular and proper brushing and flossing can keep pre-whitening teeth bright and healthy, so it can definitely make whitened teeth in good shape too.

  1. Avoid food and beverages that stains

Daily consumption of coffee and tea may be among the reasons why you have yellowish teeth in the first place. So after the whitening procedure, avoid such kinds of beverages to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. Can’t stop drinking coffee? Try using a straw to lessen the liquid’s contact with your teeth and brush immediately after drinking.

  1. Quit smoking

Smoking is not only bad for your lungs, but for your teeth as well. Like coffee and tea, smoking is notoriously known for leaving stains on teeth. So if you want to keep your teeth white, you better kick that habit early.

  1. Drink a lot of water

Drinking water after every food intake not only helps you digest the food well, but can also wash off remaining food particles in your mouth. So increase your water intake to hydrate yourself, while keeping your mouth clean at the same time.

  1. Touch up treatments

Do not hesitate to go for touch-up treatments if you feel like your teeth are again becoming yellowish. Dentists in Shropshire like Monkmoor Dental Practice would be more than happy to provide you with their teeth whitening services.

With regular maintenance and disciple, you would be able to enjoy flashing your beautiful white smile, longer than you anticipated.